Summer Art Classes for Kids (Ages 4-7): Various Dates & Times

Summer Art Classes for Kids (Ages 4-7): Various Dates & Times

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Foster your little ones' creativity with our art classes!

These 45-minute sessions are designed to introduce 4-7 year-olds to different art concepts and mediums in a supportive, fun environment.

Typically before age 5, kids are primarily interested in the fun of the art project, rather than the quality.  Starting around age 5 they start to care about the quality of their work and start to develop a specific drawing style. Shapes become more recognizable and perspective is utilized (i.e. trees being larger than people). With this in mind, our instructors introduce this age group to different projects and provide guidance as to how best to utilize the materials but allow the student to create with their own style. 


For kids under the age of 8, a parent/guardian must remain on the premises during the drop-in session, but not in the workshop area (unless your child requires this due to special needs), as this is very distracting for kids and can even be anxiety-producing.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first session so that we can walk through our policies and expectations further with you.


Our cancellation/refund policies may differ for other classes, so please always make sure to read this section for every class.  For our kid art classes, full refunds are provided if you provide us with written cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to class.  If we receive notice within 24 hours of the start of class, a full refund may not be provided, especially if we continually receive last-minute cancellations.  Send cancellation notices to:


By registering your child for any Shiny Squirrel Art Studio classes, you hereby give us permission to take photos of your child with their face obscured/not shown, as well as their artwork unless a written opt-out request is provided to us prior to class.

LOCATION: Shiny Squirrel Art Studio, 1111 Burlington Avenue, Suite 101, downtown Lisle

Phone: (630) 935-2186 (please no voicemails-texts are best for timely responses!)